Franzetti Mineral Water

The Franzetti Mineral Water originates from Sorgente Chiarella, an Italian well near the village Plesio, situated in a green valley above the city Menaggio at Lake Como. The well, at 750 meters above sea level in Monte Grona in the Dolometian mountains, has been used as a local spa for centuries. The public road to the well was built in 1965 and the entrance it self was dug out by hand not to disturb the ecological system. Even the bottles of recycleable PET plastic are manufactured at the plant to retain control of the production.

The Franzetti Mineral Water is bottled up at the well
where its temperature constantly holds 10 °C .

Franzetti Sparkling or Natural Mineral Water
in 0.5 and 1.5 litres glass or returnable PET bottles.

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